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Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

At Fire Rangers clean agent fire suppression system is available in both liquid and gaseous form. This is known to disperse an inert gas or halocarbons to supress a fire at its incipient stage. Fights class A, B, C and electrically started fires, it consists of three parts mainly the control panel, smoke detectors and notification devices. The smoke detectors (which detects a fire before it escalates to uncontrollable event), sends a signal to the control panel device, which then alerts the notification system and then activates the release device to suppress the fire. The notification device has few functions first to warn fire inhabitants and secondly to alert people when clean agent is about to release.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression System


Very fast, self-automate sensor system, it achieves smothering level at less than 10 seconds.

Electrically non-conductive, no damage to electrical, no risk to electronic and thermal components so you will find less or no damage to critical and delicate circuits.

It leaves no residue because it vaporizes into gas molecules after application therefore clean-up cost is not a concern.

Reliable, affordable, effective fire protection system.

Environment Friendly as it causes no harm to living organisms including humans, no global warming and ozone depletion rate is quite low.

Our Clean system offers longer pipe runs, smaller size of pipe and multiple zone protection from a single cylinder. It can deliver cost saving and system flexibility for larger area protection.

Application areas: factories, offices, server rooms, battery banks, parking lots, petroleum storages, medical facilities etc.

We have been successfully defending people and property from fire since many years and our experience shows in the excellent projects undertaken till now in Delhi, NCR and other parts of India. For more information you can contact us through phone or visiting our website


Clean Agent Fire Suppression System